Project Description

Client: Margie Zats (Author)

Year: 2016

Unceremoniously thrown into the workforce after a lifetime of playing the dutiful wife and mother, Alexandra Silvers takes on a new role: that of a cooking instructor. As a staff member of the enormously successful School of Culinary Arts, Alex gets more than she bargained for. From students pilfering cutlery to a supervisor whose shriek can only be heard by the neighborhood dogs, it can be said that everything is going relatively well–although not smoothly.

Hungry to satisfy the emptiness of her broken marriage and yearning to feel desired, she agrees to be the face of a new cooking show–and to spend time with the school’s handsome CEO, Ted Hudson. As Alexandra the Grate, she is forced to find her footing as a new woman in a new world.

Determined to emerge from a difficult but exciting year as a woman of accomplishment, she embraces each challenge. For Alexandra expects–and receives–a life that sizzles in and out of the kitchen.

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